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At Naturalis, over 120 researchers are working on scientific issues in the field of biodiversity on land and at sea worldwide: mapping species and their cohesion, and their changing living environment. Our data specialists work on automatic species identification, and on weaving all biodiversity data together.

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Ajaree Thonglim
November 9th, 2023

Day of the PhD defense: Ajaree Thonglim

On Thursday the 9th of November Ajaree Thonglim defended her PhD thesis titled: ‘ Disentangling drought-responsive traits with focus on Arabidopsis ’ in the academy building in Leiden. For her PhD research at Naturalis and the university of Leiden she…
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Geoglyphs in the Amazon
October 6th, 2023

More than 10,000 hidden structures in the Amazon

Hidden in the Amazon forest are thousands of remnants of ancient civilizations. These hidden structures, also called geoglyphs, reveal much about the history of the Amazon. A major study of these geoglyphs and their relationship to the forest was published…
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The research groups at Naturalis offer  bachelor- and master courses at Dutch and international universities. We also offer many projects for Bachelor and Master internships. For PhD students, we have a lauded PhD-programme in place.

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In the light of the current biodiversity crisis, having all biodiversity and taxonomical data connected and available is more important than ever. Naturalis is leading the way in endeavors to make this happen, both on a national and a worldwide scale.

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