Take steps in
the right direction

We want governments, companies and all other types of organizations to engage in knowledge-based action against the biodiversity crisis. That's why we are working with big corporations to increase biodiversity, and why we're consulting with people from different organizations such as Extinction Rebellion and Friends of the Earth Netherlands about how to gain political attention for their worries. Because every step in the right direction takes you closer, and because you can take more steps when traveling together. 

The energy transition that we as a society are facing requires far-reaching and unequivocal commitment from governments, citizens and companies.  Although the research we conduct fits in well with the energy transition, our involvement with fossil fuel or aviation companies indirectly lends legitimacy to activities that undermine or at least unnecessarily delay the energy transition. Naturalis no longer wants to participate in this.


Nature-rich neighborhood in the east of the Netherlands

Knowledge Naturally! Green knowledge made useful

In Knowledge Naturally! young researchers answer knowledge questions about nature-inclusive or climate-proof living and working for clients from society. This varies from water boards, provinces, housing to commercial companies. As long as the demand…
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Staatsbosbeheer Broadening and widening knowledge

Since 2021, Naturalis has been an official partner of the National Forest Service in the Netherlands ( Staatsbosbeheer ). This partnership focuses on monitoring, scientific research, knowledge sharing and helping people to enjoy nature. In addition, both…
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