Naturalis is a proud partner in many national and international collaborations about biodiversity data.

  • We work with international registries such as Plazi and WoRMS.
  • We are involved in platforms like IPBES, CETAF and IUCN.
  • We host the national node (NLBIF) of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

Proud to present

With its headquarters in Naturalis, DiSSCO aims to digitize all objects - about 1.5 billion! - in all natural history collections in Europe. Naturalis and three other Dutch institutes aim to build an infrastructure that knows and recognizes all (multicellular) species in the Netherlands, and brings all that data together in one platform, called ARISE. Together, these projects will redefine the role of Naturalis - and of natural history in general. 

ARISE logo

ARISE: knowing Nature in the Netherlands

In the ARISE project, Naturalis, together with the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute and the universities of Amsterdam and Twente, is building an infrastructure that knows and recognizes all (multicellular) Dutch species. Every species, every sample…
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The Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo) is a new world-class Research Infrastructure (RI) for Natural Science Collections. The DiSSCo RI aims to create a new business model for one European collection that digitally unifies all European…
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international projects

Our researchers play various roles in many international projects, working on biodiversity data, lava geology, coral reef biology and many more subjects. Below our most important projects at this moment.

An overview of all international projects can be found here



The SYNTHESYS+ project is the final iteration of the SYNTHESYS programme, which aims to increase the access to physical and digital specimens in European natural history collections.
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4D-REEF Research Programme

Coral reefs are having a hard time. Reefs in the Coral Triangle stand out for their species richness, yet they are in close proximity to areas with high human population densities. Ongoing anthropogenic environmental changes in the sea, on land and in the…
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Logo ENVRI FAIR project

ENVRI FAIR project

The ENVRI Community is a group of Environmental Research Infrastructures (ENVRI), projects, networks and other diverse stakeholders aiming to collaborate across traditional disciplines. The underlying principle is that studying today’s complex earth system…
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& publications

Naturalis hosts a number of scientific journals, and publishes several floras such as the Flora Maleisiana and of course the flora of the Netherlands, the so-called Heukels’.

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Flower field

Blumea journal

Blumea is an international electronic-only journal on the biodiversity, evolution and biogeography of plants, including systematics, floristics, phylogeny, morphology and anatomy.
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Flora of the Netherlands

We provide identifications of Dutch vascular plants for both the layman and professional organizations. Our program ‘Nature of the Netherlands’ serves to make a significant contribution to the knowledge of and appreciation for the natural environment in…
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