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Our new museum is a combined experience of seeing and doing. All ages will experience the beauty and richness of nature in eight impressive galleries. The stories in our museum are told using outstanding pieces in our collection of 42 million plants, animals, fossils and rocks. In the museum you can ask our scientists questions, have your own nature find examined and watch a specimen preparation in person. We can't wait to show you every inch of our new museum.

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The Cape lion

Nature's treasure trove 200 years of Naturalis

These 25 highlights from the Naturalis collection will be on display for only 200 days. The 'crown jewels' in this temporary exhibition include Darwin's finches, the extinct Cape lion and the Diepenveen meteorite, making it an absolute must-see for any…
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Dinosaur Era

No visitor will want to skip this gallery, as it features our most prized asset: Trix the T. rex.
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LiveScience werkstraat

Live Science

With its large windows facing the street, Live Science functions as a shop window for Naturalis. This place is where you will meet our researchers and collection managers, so that you can see and experience what their work is all about.
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daily schedule

At Naturalis, not a day goes by without extra activities. We'll see you there!


Het dinolab

dino fossils

A Naturalis team has found many dinosaur fossils in Wyoming. These fossils are transported in large stone blocks. Stop by and see for yourself how these fossils are skillfully removed from the blocks.

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Opgraving klein gereedschap

and events

Business meetings surrounded by biodiversity

The new Naturalis is an inspiring place for businesses, too. Our packages offer you an out-of-the-ordinary experience in unique surroundings. A dinner in the Atrium under the 40-meter high ‘glass crown’, for example. Or a conference in our oak-paneled Auditorium with its perfect acoustics. Discover the unique options that we offer. Interested in finding out the possibilities now? Please contact Sales & Reservations: or +31 (0)71 - 75 19 600.

Conferences and events

T. rex Trix
Catering Naturalis