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For example, the museum will take you on a tour of the earliest life on Earth, the Netherlands during the Ice Age and the primordial forces of our planet. You'll find out about the most surprising seduction tricks used by plants and animals, stand face to face with an African elephant and discover the destructive power of volcanoes. It will also offer a number of spectacular experiences – what does it feel like to travel back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, for instance? In addition to exhibitions, the new Naturalis will also have workshop areas for additional activities, spectacular experiences, shops for food and drinks and a museum store. All of this will be housed in a striking building with all sorts of references to nature, welcoming every passerby to come inside.

42 million plants, animals, fossils and rocks

The stories in our museum are told using outstanding pieces in our collection of 42 million plants, animals, fossils and rocks. Our collection is one of the top five in the world in the field of biodiversity. Our scientific research contributes to the preservation of the incredible variety and variability of nature. In the new museum, you'll be able to get a taste of this yourself; you can ask our scientists questions, have your own nature find examined and watch a specimen preparation in person.

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Although the museum is still closed, please be sure to keep an eye on the website. Little by little, we will reveal details about the new building. Would you like to stay informed about the latest news? Sign up at the bottom of this page to receive our newsletter.

a new museum?

There are a number of exciting developments that made it necessary to give the museum a new look. Museum visitor numbers have been increasing gradually since 2012, with 410,000 visitors in 2016. Scientific insights are also continuously developing, and we want to share these insights in our new exhibitions.


Corporate packages in a unique environment

The new Naturalis is set to be an inspiring place for companies, too. With our corporate packages, you'll be able to choose a different experience in unique surroundings. Curious to see what surprises we have in store? You will find everything we have to offer on this website from August 2019. Interested in finding out the possibilities now? Please contact Sales & Reservations:

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Even while the museum is closed, we’re happy to help answer all your questions about nature.

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