PhD at Naturalis

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The development of our young research talent into excellent independent researchers is a fundamental part of our ambition. We currently have over 50 young scientific researchers working at Naturalis conducting their PhD and postdoctoral work. When people finish their PhD at Naturalis, we want them to leave as ambassadors of our institute and feel proud of having completed their studies at Naturalis.


PhDs are employed and supervised by Naturalis but they graduate from a university. Thus, our 4-year PhD training program is structured to comply with our partner universities doctorate programmes (UL, UvA and Wageningen). Our Research Coordination Office makes sure of scheduling and monitoring the activities and development of our PhD candidates. 

We put special emphasis on outlining the roles, mutual expectations and responsibilities of both the supervisor and PhD candidate. Our PhD track is therefore coordinated with the tracks at our partners and other universities. In our 2021 independent visitation, the Naturalis PhD program received praise.


Get familiar with our PhD candidates and their research projects

Representation by the PhD Council

The Naturalis PhD council is there be the voice of all the PhD candidates in our museum. Most importantly, they are here to support them throughout their journey and make them feel part of our community. During the year, they organize four "PhD days": a day dedicated to Outreach, Grant proposals writing, Career development, and Mental health. Through them the PhD candidates develop useful skills for their career and discuss their problems while enjoying some time with their fellow colleagues. All the while connecting the different fields of research and making sure knowledge and skills can be shared and be put to optimal use.


in a museum

Working at Naturalis is great! It is the meeting point of scientists from all around the globe. Its large and varied community includes passionate researchers, who are eager to communicate their work to the world. Inside its walls, every day is a new experience.

Ideal place to start

Naturalis is an ideal place to start your career as a researcher with its brand new laboratory facilities next to the countless specimens in its collections and the scientific community.

"We feel valued as early stage researchers and we can develop our skill at many levels. Additionally, Naturalis gives us the opportunity to easily share our work with the public via presentations to a wide audience of museum visitors, various social media platforms, and unique working spaces in the Live-Science exhibition that allow us to conduct our work "live" in front of the public."



A list of our current open PhD positions can be found at our vacancies section