Taxonomic revisions of Indonesian sponges

Nicole de Voogd
  • Calcareous sponges of Indonesia - The taxonomy of calcareous sponges has long suffered from inaccessibility and we present here descriptions of Indonesian calcareous sponges (Rob van Soest & Nicole de Voogd, in prep).
  • Acanthostylotella, the forgotten genus. Affinities of the family Agelasidae (Porifera, Demospongiae, Agelasida): Chemical, molecular and morphological evidence. Acanthostylotella has been a poorly known and overlooked genus in the recent revision of the phylum Porifera. In this paper we re-evaluate the position of this taxon within the Demospongiae and compare it with superficially similarly looking species. (Nicole de Voogd, Dirk Erpenbeck, John Hooper, Rob van Soest, in prep).
  • On the tubular Poecilosclerid sponges (Porifera: Demospongiae) from Indonesia, with descriptions of Strongylacidon sp. nov. and Mycale sp. nov.- Only four tubular Poecilosclerida sponges are present in Indonesia. In the present paper we present all of these species belonging to 3 different families and 3 different suborders (Ratih Aryasari & Nicole de Voogd, in prep).

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