School admission prices
for pupils and supervisors

An overview of our prices is given below.*

Workshop** €7 per student
Exhibition program** €6 per student
Self-guided groups €6 per student
Extracurricular care/children's groups €6 per child
Parking card for schools/extracurricular care/children's groups €4 per vehicle
Supervisors €0

*Discount cards, such as the Museum card and the VriendenLoterij VIP CARD, are not valid for school visits.
**After an exhibition program or workshop, there is one hour to independently view the (other) galleries in the museum.

Time slots
for schools

To accommodate programs for schools, the museum uses the following time slots. Please note that programs can only be booked for the times indicated below. A self-guided visit lasts a maximum of two hours and can be booked at the following times: 10:30h, 11:00h, 13:30h and 14:00h.

10:00 - 11:30h exhibition program
10:00 - 12:00h workshop
10:45 - 12:15h exhibition program
13:00 - 14:30h exhibition program
13:00 - 15:00h workshop
13:45 - 15:15h exhibition program
14:30 - 16:00h exhibition program

minimum per group

Primary education groups 1 and 2 one supervisor for every five students
Primary education groups 3 to 8 one supervisor for every ten students
Secondary education one supervisor for every twenty students
Secondary Vocational Education and Training (VET) one supervisor for every thirty students
Higher education (hbo/wo) no supervisors required

More supervisors from school are greatly appreciated! Supervisors have free access.

Getting there
and parking options

The main entrance of Naturalis is located at Darwinweg 2 in Leiden. Naturalis can be reached by public transport or by car/bus. The address of the Naturalis car park is Mendelweg 2 in Leiden and is located at the back of the museum.

Touring cars cannot park in the Naturalis car park. For this we refer you to Parking Leiden on the Haagweg in Leiden. Please contact them in advance.
The bus can stop in front of the main entrance or at the side of the museum to let students get on and off.


During school vacations (all regions) we do not take school reservations. Below is a list of national school vacations. For current dates, please check the government website.

School year 2023-2024

Fall vacation14 October - 29 October 2023
Christmas vacation23 December 2023 - 7 January 2024
Spring vacation10 - 25 February 2024
May vacation27 April - 5 May 2024
Summer vacation6 July - 1 September 2024

School year 2024-2025

Fall vacation19 October - 3 November 2024
Christmas vacation21 December 2024 - 5 January 2025
Spring vacation15 February - 2 March 2025
May vacation19 April - 4 May 2025
Summer vacation5 July - 31 August 2025

Prepare thoroughly
Special education

Are you coming to Naturalis with a special education group? If so, we have created a preparatory presentation that you can show in class in preparation for a visit.

To the presentation


Naturally, a number of house rules apply in our museum. You can find them in our General Conditions for School and Group Visits.

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