Caribbean geology and paleontology

Caribbean geology

I have been researching diverse aspects of Caribbean geology and palaeontology since 1986. Research is currently focussed on the vertebrate palaeontology of the Late Pleistocene of the Red Hills Road Cave of Jamaica, in collaboration with Dr. L.W. van den Hoek Ostende, and  Upper Oligocene echinoids of the island of Antigua, funded by the Florida Museum of Natural History and its donors.

Professor Dr. Stephen K. Donovan

Senior researcher
Taxonomy & systematics
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Caribbean geology

Figure caption:

Decapod crustacean (crab) remains from the Middle Eocene Litchfield Formation, Yellow Limestone Group at Seven Rivers, parish of St. James, western Jamaica. Specimens in the collection of the Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville. A-D Callianassid sp. indet., limb fragments of a mud shrimp. E-H Diogenid gen. et sp. nov., claw of a hermit crab.  (After Donovan & Portell, 2019, Swiss Journal of Palaeontology, fig. 1.)