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(Research)internships at Naturalis

Naturalis offers various internships. For example, there are opportunities for students at both bachelor's and master's level to do an internship at one of our research groups. During such a research internship you focus on one research project, and you help a researcher at exploring and answering one or more research questions. Some of these research projects are part of a larger project, while others stand on their own. 

All available research projects are listed below.


Michiel Hooykaas

Research projects


Inferring hybrid zone history

Where the ranges of closely related species meet they may hybridize. The regions where this occurs are called hybrid zones. A balance of selection against hybrids and dispersal of parental species determines the width of the hybrid zone, but the…
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Kayapó-Xikrin necklace made of unknown seeds and fruits, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, São Paulo, Brazil

Amazonian seeds in indigenous body ornaments

Many ethnographic body ornaments are kept in European museums, made by indigenous people from Amazonian seeds. Many of these artefacts miss the associated information on who made these objects and when, what seeds are included, and what information we can…
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Bioinformatics at Naturalis

At Naturalis, research and development in bioinformatics and biodiversity informatics takes place on an ongoing basis. Projects are available that range from the fundamental, when a new research idea needs to be tested out, to the highly applied, for…
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Phylogenomics of the mustard family (Brassicaceae)

In the flowering plants, herbaceous plants have evolved into woody plants hundreds of times independently from each other during evolutionary history. With over 100 documented cases, this rigorous morphological transition is especially common in the…
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It's a newt. What kind? That's the problem with cryptic species.

Phylogenomics of species radiations

In species radiations it is often not clear how many species are included, because ‘cryptic species’ are involved. Cryptic species behave as distinct species, but have gone unnoticed due to their morphological similarity. Deciphering the phylogenetic…
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invasive species (amphibians)

MtDNA barcoding invasive species

As a consequence of increasing globalization, species can reach places that were previously inaccessible. Invasive species are considered to be one of the main threats to global biodiversity. They can threaten native species with extinction via predation…
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    ARISE internships

    In the project ARISE, Naturalis, together with partners, is building a unique infrastructure that aims to recognize all Dutch species, from all kinds of samples, in all possible ways. It's a great opportunity for biodiversity research - and for students…
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