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Collections such as the one held by Naturalis help scientists study, organize and understand nature worldwide. Natural history collections provide an essential infrastructure for scientific research. Biologic and geologic objects act as a crucial starting point for research that contributes to solutions for current issues such as climate change and species extinction.

and preservation

The Naturalis collection is divided into categories: botany, geology, vertebrates, invertebrates, entomology, books and species catalogs. We also have an extensive library. One of our institute's core activities is digitizing the collection. By collecting and preserving objects, we have obtained one of the largest natural history collections in the world. By leading the way in collaborative projects aimed at providing digital access, we achieve a single biodiversity collection that spans the globe. In addition, we make it possible to consult the collection data for scientific research, societal purposes and public presentations.


Access to a wide range of (digital) literature in the field of biodiversity.

Do you, as a researcher, want to borrow a collection object from Naturalis?
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to the collection

Temporarily limited access while we are under construction

Naturalis will move into a modernized building with brand-new collection facilities in the summer of 2019. Until then, only a limited number of collections are open to visitors. However, it is possible to borrow collection objects. For your questions about the collection, you can contact us by email at

Afbeelding van het herbariumdepot

Online access
to our collection en collection data

Are you  a species specialist working to make taxonomic knowledge and type information available online? Please consider the software-as-a-service package Linnaeus.

As a researcher or collection manager, you can quickly browse the Naturalis digital collection.

For software developers or bio-computer scientists, we built an API to provide access the digital collection information from Naturalis.
Netherlands Biodiversity API/Data Services