Bring nature to life with our special programs for other types of education. During exhibition programs, pupils will explore various galleries by means of inquisitive assignments. In workshops, they will gain a more in-depth look at a theme by studying real mounted animals, fossils and other objects from the natural world. The programs do not include free admittance, nor do they include visits to the Rexperience or the Japanese theater.

Kids in Life gallery

Language classes: Workshop Animal on paper

The mounted animals in Naturalis are frozen in place forever. This makes them perfect for getting a close-up look. In the Life gallery, each pupil will choose an animal from the hundreds of objects on display. By drawing the animals, the pupils learn to…
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Regular programs
for other types of education

With minor adjustments, nearly all of our regular programs can be booked for special and other types of education. You can contact us to discuss the possibilities at reserveringen@naturalis.nl.

Be well-prepared
for your visit

Planning on visiting Naturalis with a special education group? We have a presentation (Dutch) you can show the class to help prepare for your visit.

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You can also continue to marvel at nature digitally!

Are you looking for more information about the subjects and researchers of Naturalis? Then visit the Natuurwijzer. Also useful for a school presentation!

Did you see an animal in the schoolyard or in the garden and you don't know what it is? Take a good look and discover it in the Dierenzoeker! Available as website and app.

Found something old on the Maasvlakte beach? A bone, molar or prehistoric tool? Have an expert look at it.

Would you like more information about our museum objects? Get more out of your visit to Naturalis with the museum app. Available for Android and iOS.
Naturalis museumapp 

De Natuurwijzer

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Students discover more about the skeleton