Aleksandre Gogaladze
November 29th, 2021

The day of the PhD defence: Aleksandre Gogaladze

Tuesday 30 November at 10:00, Aleksandre Gogaladze will enter the Academy Building to defend his thesis entitled Towards effective conservation and governance of Pontocaspian biodiversity in the Black Sea region. For his PhD research at Naturalis and…
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Andreimyrme naturalis, from the side
November 22nd, 2021

Newly described insect named after Naturalis

During a study on velvet ants, nine new species have been described. Specimens from the collection of Naturalis Biodiversity Center were used in this study. As a token of appreciation, the scientists have named one of those newly found species after…
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Max van Balgooy during field work in Papua (1965), holding the inflorescence of an unspecified Araliaceae
September 6th, 2021

Botanist Max van Balgooy deceased

Dr. M.M.J. (Max) van Balgooy passed away on 3 September, aged 89. He started working with the Dutch National Herbarium (now a part of Naturalis) in 1961, and stayed working there until and after his retirement. He obtained his PhD with prof. Dr. Van…
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Cyme laeta Looijenga 2021, a newly described species of butterfly
August 3rd, 2021

New butterfly species discovered during internship

The butterfly species Cyme reticulata, which is found in Papua New Guinea, has many different morphological variations. Research has revealed that one of the variations is a different and previously undescribed species. Student Noortje Looijenga (18) from…
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Gloved hand holding eppendorfs
July 15th, 2021

Naturalis’ research receives top marks

The quality of the research at Naturalis is rated as “excellent”, research facilities are “state of the art”, the collection is “unique” and its relevance to society is no less than “world leading”. This was all said by an external top visitation committee…
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