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Scientific research is fundamental to the protection of all the natural riches of our Earth. Continually expanding the frontiers of knowledge is vital, including by documenting plant and animal species and the relationships between them over millions of years of evolution. New technology helps our researchers generate and share this kind of fundamental knowledge about biodiversity at a rapid pace and on a large scale.

All of our research under one roof

In the summer of 2019, Naturalis will re-open in a new, more spacious building. From that point on, all research and collection facilities (including the laboratories) as well as all staff will be housed under one roof. This will further improve the accessibility of the collection and services, as well as the possibilities for collaboration and commissioned research.

and research groups

Naturalis employs 120 scientists in 7 different research groups: 40 permanent full-time staff members (including 10 professors and 1 associate professor) and numerous doctoral candidates and post-docs. Naturalis is happy to offer young scientific talent the opportunity to further develop ideas in a stimulating, open environment.

Scientists and research groups


and Master

Academic education

We offer Bachelor and Master courses at Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. 


Student projects

Academisch onderwijs

Big data
in biodiversity

Naturalis Biodiversity Center is the leader in the field of collection digitization and biodiversity informatics in Europe. We collaborate with 114 museums and research institutions in 21 countries. Together we combine digital data from 1.5 billion natural history objects - big data. This makes Naturalis the driving force behind the globalization of biodiversity research and the development of social applications. This brings solutions in the areas of food supply, living environment, climate and medicine closer.

we provide

If you deal with questions about biodiversity professionally, but do not have specialist knowledge.
Expert Center​

For all questions about the origin, authenticity and composition of gems and certified professional training.
Netherlands Gemmological Laboratory

From morphological and chemical research to genome analysis, from the testing of gemstones to identification of plant and animal traces via DNA fingerprinting.


Online access
to our collection en collection data

One worldwide name list of all animals, plants and fungi that have been described by scientists.
Catalogue of Life 

Are you  a species specialist working to make taxonomic knowledge and type information available online? Please consider the software-as-a-service package Linnaeus.

As a researcher or collection manager, you can quickly browse the Naturalis digital collection.

For software developers or bio-computer scientists, we built an API to provide access the digital collection information from Naturalis.
Netherlands Biodiversity API/Data Services