Bring nature to life with our special programs for primary schools. An exhibition program consists of an exploration of three or four museum galleries on the basis of research assignments that the pupils carry out autonomously. In a workshop, a single topic is explored in depth in one of our labs. Our educational assistants guide you through the entire program, which includes a visit to one of the galleries. The programs do not include free admittance, nor do they include visits to the Rexperience or the Japanese Theater.


4–6 years old: Exhibition program Expedition

Which creatures live in the water, on land and in the air? Do they have stripes or spots? What do their babies look like? Use a set of binoculars to discover small animals from the present day or larger ones from ancient times. Are you ready? There's so…
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Animals gone wild

4–6 years old: Workshop Animals gone wild

Spots, stripes or speckles? Large or small, fast or slow? All animals are different, but they also have many things in common. Like a real researcher, learn to discover patterns by looking at real furs, feathers, shells and stuffed animals. Dress up like…
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Long live Lumpy

6–8 years old: Workshop Long live Lumpy

Help! Look out! Lumpy has only just been born and nature is full of dangers. You'll design and test various solutions to keep Lumpy safe, such as wings, shells, springs or camouflage. Lumpy also wants a family. The museum will show you how animals in…
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Natural talent

8–10 years old: Workshop Natural talent

Have you ever felt an elephant's thick hide, the serrated nose of a swordfish or the soft mane of a lion? Touching is allowed! You'll discover forms in nature and the purposes they serve. What are the different talents of plants and animals? Gather a…
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Traces of the Ice Age

10–12 years old: Workshop Traces of the Ice Age

Is it cold out? Not as cold as it was during the last Ice Age! Which plants and animals were around at that time, and how do we know? Like a real paleontologist, you'll look for evidence. Rummage through a tray of fossil finds and investigate which animal…
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Workshop Design and survive

10-12 years old: Workshop Design and survive

What do animals and plants do to survive extreme heat and cold? And how are they able to float on air or water? We can find a variety of solutions just by looking at any habitat (ecosystem) in nature. Getting places, staying safe and finding a mate: every…
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Kids in Life gallery

10-12 years old: Workshop Animal on paper

The mounted animals in Naturalis are frozen in place forever. This makes them perfect for getting a close-up look. In the “Life” gallery, each pupil will choose an animal from the hundreds of objects on display. By drawing the animals, the pupils learn to…
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Kids in gallery Life

All groups: Self-guided visit with scavenger hunt

Explore, look closely and seek out answers to questions from our researchers. There are nine different scavenger hunt cards with assignments on them; these tasks can be physical or mental. Discover everything there is to know about long-necks, show-offs…
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Dino lab

All groups: Online guest lecture Dino lab

Watch newly-discovered Triceratops bones being cleaned and studied in real time. The whole class can join in, without leaving the classroom! Via a live video feed, pupils come face-to-face with exciting scientific discoveries. They will see how our dino…
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Combine a program at Naturalis with a visit to the beach or playground for a complete day out and about! 

Kids on a slide in Linnaeushof

Combined program Linnaeushof

Experience a unique adventure at museum and playground! This combined visit consists of a visit to Naturalis with an educational program in the morning and a visit to Linnaeushof in the afternoon.
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You can also continue to marvel at nature digitally!

Are you looking for more information about the subjects and researchers of Naturalis? Then visit the Natuurwijzer. Also useful for a school presentation!

Did you see an animal in the schoolyard or in the garden and you don't know what it is? Take a good look and discover it in the Dierenzoeker! Available as website and app.

Found something old on the Maasvlakte beach? A bone, molar or prehistoric tool? Have an expert look at it.

Would you like more information about our museum objects? Get more out of your visit to Naturalis with the museum app. Available for Android and iOS.
Naturalis museumapp 


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