Regular education programs
primary school

As soon as the COVID-19 measures come to an end, you can book our regular education programs again. Bring nature to life with our special programs for primary schools. An exhibition program consists of an exploration of three or four museum galleries on the basis of research assignments that the pupils carry out autonomously. In a workshop, a single topic is explored in depth in one of our labs. Our educational assistants guide you through the entire program, which includes a visit to one of the galleries. The programs do not include free admittance, nor do they include visits to the Rexperience or the Japanese Theater.

Programma ontdekkingsreis zaal leven

Groep 1 en 2 Zaalprogramma Ontdekkingsreis

Wat leeft er in het water, op het land of in de lucht? Heeft het strepen of vlekken? Hoe zien jonkies eruit? Speur met een verrekijker naar kleine dieren van nu, of grote dieren van vroeger. Gaan jullie mee? Er is op deze reis van alles te ontdekken en…
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Animals gone wild

4–6 years old "Animals gone wild" workshop

Spots, stripes or speckles? Large or small, fast or slow? All animals are different, but they also have many things in common. Like a real researcher, learn to discover patterns by looking at real furs, feathers, shells and stuffed animals. Dress up like…
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Lang zal Bonkie leven

6–8 years old "Long live Lumpy" workshop

Help! Look out! Lumpy has only just been born and nature is full of dangers. You'll design and test various solutions to keep Lumpy safe, such as wings, shells, springs or camouflage. Lumpy also wants a family. The museum will show you how animals in…
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Nature talent

8–10 years old "Natural talent" workshop

Have you ever felt an elephant's thick hide, the serrated nose of a swordfish or the soft mane of a lion? Touching is allowed! You'll discover forms in nature and the purposes they serve. What are the different talents of plants and animals? Gather a…
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Traces of the Ice Age

10–12 years old "Traces of the Ice Age" workshop

Is it cold out? Not as cold as it was during the last Ice Age! Which plants and animals were around at that time, and how do we know? Like a real paleontologist, you'll look for evidence. Rummage through a tray of fossil finds and investigate which animal…
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Alle groepen Online gastles Dinolab

Live meekijken naar het schoonmaken en onderzoeken van net ontdekte Triceratopsbotten. Dat kan met de hele klas, gewoon vanuit school! Via een videoverbinding zitten leerlingen met hun neus op spannende wetenschappelijke ontdekkingen. Ze zien hoe onze dino…
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Kinderen in zaal leven

Groep 7 en 8 Workshop Dier op papier

De opgezette dieren in Naturalis staan voor altijd stil. Ideaal om ze van heel dichtbij te bekijken. In zaal Leven kiest iedere leerling uit honderden objecten een dier. Door te tekenen kijken de leerlingen beter en komen de vragen vanzelf. “Waar is die…
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