Bring nature to life with our special programs for extracurricular care facilities and other groups of children. During these programs, pupils explore most of the museum’s galleries on their own based on exciting, challenging and inquisitive assignments. The visit does not include visits to the Rexperience or the Japanese theater.


You can also continue to marvel at nature digitally!

Are you looking for more information about the subjects and researchers of Naturalis? Then visit the Natuurwijzer. Also useful for a school presentation!

Did you see an animal in the schoolyard or in the garden and you don't know what it is? Take a good look and discover it in the Dierenzoeker! Available as website and app.

Found something old on the Maasvlakte beach? A bone, molar or prehistoric tool? Have an expert look at it.

Would you like more information about our museum objects? Get more out of your visit to Naturalis with the museum app. Available for Android and iOS.
Naturalis museumapp 

De Natuurwijzer

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