According to the 2021 independent evaluation, our research is "world class". We maintain links with almost all universities in the Netherlands, and with countless institutes around the world. These collaborations take many forms: from one-on-one cooperation on specific subjects to international consortia working for over a decade and hoping to leave a lasting mark on biology.

Below are some examples:

ARISE logo

ARISE: knowing Nature in the Netherlands

In the ARISE project, Naturalis, together with the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute and the universities of Amsterdam and Twente, is building an infrastructure that knows and recognizes all (multicellular) Dutch species. Every species, every sample…
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Pseudopontonides principis on black coral

Caribbean marine biodiversity

The Dutch Caribbean has a long history of taxonomic research, starting with species descriptions by Pallas (1766). In the last decades much research on the natural history of the Dutch Caribbean was published by scientists affiliated with Naturalis…
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Infrastructures, networks
& publications


In the light of the current biodiversity crisis, having all biodiversity and taxonomical data connected and available is more important than ever. Naturalis is leading the way in endeavors to make this happen, both on a national and a worldwide scale.

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Butterflies and moths

Commissioned research
by Naturalis

We also have the expertise to answer specific questions about biodiversity and natural history objects. We are happy to help you on your way.

Groene cirkels

Green Circles

New way of working together with companies and local governments combined in one big network. Working together to achieve a circulair and sustainable economy.
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We want to help with our knowledge

Naturalis is more than just a research institute. So we might be something other than a research partner for you. We want to help everyone with our knowledge of nature. That too can produce many great results. Read more about Naturalis as a corporate partner here.

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