A souvenir from Naturalis

You can buy anything here, souvenirs or nice gifts for someone else: the museum shop has a wide range of Naturalis products. We distinguish ourselves because we focus on our visitors. The collection of the shop has an interface with nature or with something you see in our museum.

Much of what we offer, has an educational touch to it and the assortment changes regularly. Our goal is to offer as many products as possible that are produced sustainably, and we are committed to continue improving this in the future.

closet with minerals
closet with books

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Minerals and fossils
From fossil shark teeth and trilobites to beautiful pieces of minerals and crystals in their purest form with affordable prices to start off or extend a beautiful collection. Our fossils and minerals only come from reputable suppliers.

The book assortment is up-to-date and, besides many publications of Naturalis itself, it contains a wide range of references to Naturalis and books that invite you to discover nature yourself. What we offer you, differs per season.

Learning to play and learning through play. Naturalis would like to wake up the researcher in every child and therefore offers a wide range of toys. We offer everything from research sets, letting you identify your finds, to plush cuddly toys and everything from educational games to building plates.

What about silver jewelry specially designed for Naturalis, jewelry made of minerals and silk scarves with images from the museum of Tord Boontje? Or maybe a cool hoodie with T. rex Trix on it!

Closet with fossils
Books in the shop

Gift ideas:
Beautiful items

In our museum store you can score the most beautiful minerals and gemstones.  Start your own gemstone collection with pieces from Morocco, Brazil and Mexico. These beauties are hand-picked and curated for you. Or choose a completely handmade and sustainable teacup. Locally produced with clay from Naturalis' backyards. This is a perfect gift for your loved ones or you can use it in your own kitchen. All these products tell their own story. A special selection from our museum store can be ordered online at Dutch Museum Gift Shop.