The use of metabarcoding


With our DNA metabarcoding pipeline we can identify organisms using samples taken from high up in the sky to the deepest depths of our oceans. This allows us to monitor different type of ecosystems or trace endangered species that are processed in commercial goods.

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Feature picture: Sylvia Mota de Oliveira taking Amazonian air samples to study the diversity of bryophytespores and pollen above the Amazon canopy.

 Chinese medicines
Picture: These traditional Chinese medicines have been investigated for the presence of protected species that are on CITES

Picture: Bulksample gathered from  North Sea boxcore to monitor macrozoobenthos

Overview metabarcoding proces:

Overview metabarcoding proces 
In our lab we’re able to perform different types of DNA extractions that is required for the wide range of metabarcoding sample types. After the DNA extraction specific DNA regions are amplified and prepared for Nextgen Sequencing. Sequencing these amplicons with a Nextgen sequencer such as the Illumina Miseq, generates millions of DNA reads. These reads will be analyzed with our Naturalis Galaxy pipeline and compared to a reference database. This results in a list of species that are presence in our metabarcoding sample .