Flora of the Netherlands


We provide identifications of Dutch vascular plants for both the layman and professional organizations. Our program ‘Nature of the Netherlands’ serves to make a significant contribution to the knowledge of and appreciation for the natural environment in our own ‘backyard’.

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    Together with many expert amateurs we develop identification keys and thesauri, we study the dynamics of distribution patterns, we examine ecological relationships, and we provide platforms to disseminate knowledge such as websites, journals, book series and exhibitions. Complex knowledge is translated for several user groups.

    Leni Duistermaat


    Since years, the Heukels’ Flora van Nederland has been the standard flora for our country.

    The history of Heukels’ Flora van Nederland started in 1883, when Hendrik Heukels published his Schoolflora voor Nederland. In 1900, he published the first edition of his Geïllustreerde Schoolflora voor Nederland. From the 20th edition (1983) onwards, the title of the Flora was changed in honour of its first author. The most recent edition of this work, the 23rd being the fourth authored by the late Ruud van der Meijden, dates back to 2005, and was the first Flora worldwide to incorporate the APG-classification.

    The production of the 24th edition of the Heukels’ Flora van Nederland is for the time being the main focus of our group. The update will include improvements of identification keys, nomenclature, review of the APGIII system, additional species, new illustration material, and expanded glossary. Attention will also be paid to tuning in with floras of neighboring countries (Belgium, Germany, and United Kingdom). Specialists for several groups will be consulted: e.g. Hieracium, Rosa, Rubus, urban flora.

    If you have any comments and suggestions for improvement of Heukels’ Flora van Nederland, please contact leni.duistermaat@naturalis.nl.