Bring nature to life with our special programs for primary schools. An exhibition program consists of an exploration of three or four museum galleries on the basis of research assignments that the pupils carry out autonomously. In a workshop, a single topic is explored in depth in one of our labs. Our educational assistants guide you through the entire program, which includes a visit to one of the galleries. The programs do not include free admittance, nor do they include visits to the Rexperience or the Japanese Theater.

Triceratops fossil

12-13 years old: Workshop Dino fossils

In this workshop, you'll put yourselves in the shoes of a paleontologist. You'll investigate real dinosaur bones, eggs, footprints and other traces. By feeling, measuring and putting things together, you'll be able to reconstruct the age of the dinosaurs…
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Workshop Design and survive

12-13 years old: Workshop Design and survive

What do animals and plants do to survive extreme heat and cold? And how are they able to float on air or water? We can find a variety of solutions just by looking at any habitat (ecosystem) in nature. Getting places, staying safe and finding a mate: every…
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Workshop This is evolution

13-15 years old: Workshop This is evolution

Why did so many kinds of dinosaurs exist? During this workshop, pupils will be introduced to the process of evolution in a fun, playful way. What makes species change over time? After a visit to the “Dino Era” gallery, pupils will use different game-based…
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Animal love

13-15 years old: Exhibition program Animal love

Frogs that carry their young on their backs, dancing spiders, reproductive organs in all shapes and sizes… When it comes to animal love, variety is the name of the game. Using humor, common sense and the wealth of our collection, you'll discover patterns…
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15-18 years old: Workshop Fossils and evolution

Build your own lines of evolution and family trees. What can fossils tell you about evolution and the way animals used to live? Compare and contrast real fossils and models of molars, legs and skulls from 50 million years ago up to the present day. How…
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Workshop The rock cycle

15-18 years old: Workshop The rock cycle

Become a rock, take a journey through the rock cycle and discover how rocks can change. As you do, you'll examine the coolest igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and choose the most dazzling mineral. Who will find the meteorite? Look for answers to…
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Kinderen in zaal leven

All levels and classes: Workshop Animal on paper

The mounted animals in Naturalis are frozen in place forever. This makes them perfect for getting a close-up look. In the “Life” gallery, each pupil will choose an animal from the hundreds of objects on display. By drawing the animals, the pupils learn to…
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Combined visits
Nature School (classes 1 - 3)

Combine a program at Naturalis with a visit to Noordwijk beach for a complete day out and about! 

The program consists of a part of the day at Naturalis with a program or an independent visit. The other part of the day consists of activities at the Nature School on the beach of Noordwijk. At noon you take a break on the beach in Noordwijk. Classes that are in Naturalis in the morning leave for the beach around noon. Classes that are on the beach in the morning go to Naturalis after lunch. Travel time between Noordwijk and Leiden is approximately 30 minutes. Bookings for this combination program are made through the Nature School.

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Group in the dunes


You can also continue to marvel at nature digitally! The websites are in Dutch.

Are you looking for more information about the subjects and researchers of Naturalis? Then visit the Natuurwijzer. Also useful for a school presentation!

Want to do your own research on the Naturalis collection? You can do that in the Natuurlab.

Where do the millions of objects at Naturalis come from? Go on an expedition yourself and discover the versatility of our collection.
Expeditie online

Would you like more information about our museum objects? Get more out of your visit to Naturalis with the museum app. Available for Android and iOS.
Naturalis museumapp

Found an animal or plant that you don't know? Find out what it is with ObsIdentify. Your observations contribute to knowledge of nature. They are part of research on these species.

Found something old on the Maasvlakte beach? A bone, molar or prehistoric tool? Have an expert look at it.

Expeditie Online

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