Regular education programs
primary school

As soon as the COVID-19 measures come to an end, you can book our regular education programs again. Bring nature to life with our special programs for primary schools. An exhibition program consists of an exploration of three or four museum galleries on the basis of research assignments that the pupils carry out autonomously. In a workshop, a single topic is explored in depth in one of our labs. Our educational assistants guide you through the entire program, which includes a visit to one of the galleries. The programs do not include free admittance, nor do they include visits to the Rexperience or the Japanese Theater.

Triceratops fossil

12–13 years old "Dino fossils" workshop

In this workshop, you'll put yourselves in the shoes of a paleontologist. You'll investigate real dinosaur bones, eggs, footprints and other traces. By feeling, measuring and putting things together, you'll be able to reconstruct the age of the dinosaurs…
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Animal love

13-15 years old Exhibition program "Animal love"

Frogs that carry their young on their backs, dancing spiders, reproductive organs in all shapes and sizes… When it comes to animal love, variety is the name of the game. Using humor, common sense and the wealth of our collection, you'll discover patterns…
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15-18 years old "Fossils and evolution" workshop 

Build your own lines of evolution and family trees. What can fossils tell you about evolution and the way animals used to live? Compare and contrast real fossils and models of molars, legs and skulls from 50 million years ago up to the present day. How…
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Kinderen in zaal leven

Alle niveaus en klassen Workshop Dier op papier

De opgezette dieren in Naturalis staan voor altijd stil. Ideaal om ze van heel dichtbij te bekijken. In zaal Leven kiest iedere leerling uit honderden objecten een dier. Door te tekenen kijken de leerlingen beter en komen de vragen vanzelf. “Waar is die…
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Alle niveaus en klassen Online gastles Dinolab

Live meekijken naar het schoonmaken en onderzoeken van net ontdekte Triceratopsbotten. Dat kan met de hele klas, gewoon vanuit school! Via een videoverbinding zitten leerlingen met hun neus op spannende wetenschappelijke ontdekkingen. Ze zien hoe onze dino…
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