Step inside the capsule
and blast off into space

The Rexperience is an experience like no other!

The Rexperience is no ordinary museum exhibit. It's an immersive experience! You'll travel back to the time T. rex Trix roamed the Earth. Step inside our futuristic travel agency, board the space capsule and blast off to adventure. With Captain Dave leading the expedition, you're assured a smooth ride back to the past... But watch out for that meteorite!

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T. rex Trix
icon of Naturalis

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The Rexperience brings you eye to eye with Trix as she lived back in prehistory. There's no better way to “flesh out” all the dinosaur skeletons you'll see in our Dino Era gallery! This gallery has dinosaur skeletons of all shapes and sizes. Triceratops, Camarasaurus, Mosasaurus… and of course our prize possession: the T. rex Trix. If you want to learn all about Trix, book a combined ticket to the Museum + Rexperience!

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Stand eye to eye
with T. rex Trix!

The Rexperience trip adds an exciting extra dimension to your visit to Naturalis. Please note that seats in the time capsule are limited, so be sure to prebook from home.

  • The Rexperience contains scare, motion and light effects and is therefore suitable for children ages 8 and up.
  • Children under the age of 12 are only allowed to visit the Rexperience with an adult.
  • The Rexperience is in Dutch.
  • Combined entry to Naturalis and the Rexperience costs 19 euros per person.
  • Entry is free for Friends of Naturalis. 
  • Entry is free for VriendenLoterij VIP CARD holders.
  • Museumcard holders only pay the 2 euro surcharge for the Rexperience.
  • The iconic skeleton of T. rex Trix is ​​in the gallery Dinosaur Era, you can visit this room without a Rexperience ticket.

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Travel back in time
with the Rexperience

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