Dood gang


Quite literally, death leads to rebirth. As nature's circle of life treats both equally, it's no wonder that a museum about every aspect of life should devote a gallery to death.
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Early humans

Early Humans

How did man come to be? Naturalis attempts to answer this sweeping question in an original way. It does so through a set of unique fossils belonging to Homo erectus , one of our earliest ancestors.
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Vulkaan Hawaii


The Earth gallery is an ode to our planet's enormous powers: not just of creation and life-giving, but also of destruction. This place is where you'll travel to sites where you can see and even feel these powers.
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Building the exhibition Evolution


Animals, plants, fungi… All life is interconnected. Because all life, past and present, is related through evolution: the process by which species emerge and adapt. This gallery makes it clear in a special way that we are connected to the origin of life…
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maquette ijstijd

Ice Age

The familiar Dutch landscape has been rendered unrecognizable and replaced by wild nature against a desolate prehistoric backdrop. Welcome to the Ice Age gallery.
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This entrance gallery with its sensational decor transports you through a range of landscapes, starting in the depths of the ocean and ending at the top of a mountain, almost as if suspended in mid-air. On the way, you'll meet a wide variety of animal and…
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LiveScience werkstraat

Live Science

With its large windows facing the street, Live Science functions as a shop window for Naturalis. This place is where you will meet our researchers and collection managers, so that you can see and experience what their work is all about.
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zaal verleiding


The Seduction gallery is all about procreation in nature. In a playful way, it illustrates the rituals of courting, coupling, and raising offspring.
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Travel back in time to the T. rex

66 million years ago, the Earth was populated by awe-inspiring dinosaurs. Imagine that you could travel back to that time and suddenly stand eye to eye with a T. rex

The Rexperience is no ordinary museum exhibit. It's an immersive experience! Step inside our futuristic travel agency and board the space capsule... But be sure to buckle your seatbelt, because you're in for a rocky ride!