ISBI International Collaboration on Biodiversity Infrastructures

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The ISBI department focuses on international, national and institutional collaboration in the field of infrastructures for data, science, innovation, and biodiversity management. It initiates, coordinates and aligns initiatives and activities funded in an international or national context. The ultimate objective is to support Naturalis’ response to the challenges and opportunities presented in the global landscape of mass digitisation, open science and data, and Research Infrastructures.


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ISBI supports the development of concepts around data-driven Research Infrastructures and international collaborations. Our team provides the technical and managerial expertise vital for coordinating large-scale biodiversity-related projects at Naturalis. The digital infrastructure developed in our projects will help enable scientists, policymakers, and other experts to produce, publish and re-use integrated mass-scale biological and geological data. These efforts will aid the integration of the currently fragmented research landscape to address urgent environmental and anthropogenic challenges.

Our Projects
Horizon Europe

ISBI participates in and coordinates several international projects, initiatives, and partnerships with European natural science institutions. Click here to learn more about other International Projects at Naturalis.


Biodiversity Genomics Europe: BGE

BGE has the aim of accelerating and upscaling the use of genomic science in Europe. By bringing together two newly formed networks, BIOSCAN Europe (which focuses on DNA barcoding) and the European Reference Genome Atlas, ERGA (which focuses on genome…
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Biodiversity Digital Twin: BioDT

The project's goal is to push the current boundaries of predictive understanding of biodiversity dynamics by developing a Biodiversity Digital Twin (BioDT) providing advanced modelling, simulation and prediction capabilities. By using already existing…
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Our Projects
Horizon 2020



The SYNTHESYS+ project is the final iteration of the SYNTHESYS programme, which aims to increase the access to physical and digital specimens in European natural history collections.
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FAIR Digital Objects Forum: FDO F

Larger and larger amounts of data are being generated every day. The complexity of the data space is increasing exponentially. According to surveys, it is estimated that already, about 80 percent of the effort in data driven projects is spent on data…
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A COST Action ‘MOBILISE’ was initiated to strengthen the network of European stakeholders in support of bio- and geodiversity research.
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NLBIF is the national node of GBIF and helps and supports Dutch organisations to publish biodiversity data online to GBIF.
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we are

- ISBI Team

 Eva AlonsoEva Alonso 
ISBI Department Head, DiSSCo Head of Governance Affairs

Oversees the department and coordinates a cluster of activities to secure synergy between the ISBI programme and development at institutional, national and international levels.


Wouter Addink

Wouter Addink
Coordinator Research Data and E-infrastructures

Development of (inter)national projects on biodiversity e-infrastructures. Coordinates all things technical in ISBI and is a fluent speaker of acronyms.


Gabriela DankovaGabriela Dankova
Community development manager (BIOSCAN Europe)

Coordinates the development and establishment of the BIOSCAN Europe network.


Vania FerrieraVania Leonardo Ferreira
Project Officer

Coordinates general and financial administration of European Union-funded projects. Member of the DiSSCo Coordination & Support Office.


Julian Lopez GordilloJulian Lopez Gordillo
FAIR Data Specialist

Responsible for the FAIR and Open Science aspects of the Biodiversity Digital Twin (BioDT) while also supporting other ISBI and Naturalis initiatives on that front.


Sharif IslamSharif Islam
Senior Data Architect, DiSSCo Data Architect

Identifying evolving data infrastructure needs of relevant stakeholders within Naturalis and translating these into specifications and a functional, integrated architecture. Forming the technical and strategic link between the international projects and Naturalis.


Andres QuirozAndres Rivera Quiroz
Project Manager Assistant/ Project Administrator (Biodiversity Genomics Europe)

Responsible for the administration, logistics, and management assistant of the BGE project. Also supporting in-house initiatives for collaboration between ISBI and different sectors of Naturalis.


Niels RaesNiels Raes 
Programme manager, NLBIF Node Manager and DiSSCo-NL National Node Manager

Coordinates a stream to secure synergy between different ISBI programme projects, and relevant projects and developments at institutional and (inter)national levels.


Roya ShokoohiRoya Shokoohi
Senior EU Project Manager, Project Manager of Biodiversity Genomics Europe

Responsible for the day to day  management and implementation of BGE activities and methodology , high level planning, financial managment, quality control and risk management , coordinating Citizen Scientists activities across the project, monitoring ethical requiremnts of different tasks and liaising with the project officers from EU commission.

MaxMax Schoettler



- ISBI Associates

JoseJosé Alonso
Senior Communications and Outreach Officer (Communications)

Coordinates the development and implementation of communications strategies and initiatives of EU-funded projects such as DiSSCo and Biodiversity Genomics Europe (BGE).


Tom DijkemaTom Dijkema
Junior Software Developer (Applications Development and Management)

Develops software for DiSSCo's end-users to interact with the digital infrastructure. Also involved in improving the accessibility of the Geoscience Collections Access Service (GeoCASe).


Sam LeeflangSam Leeflang
Lead Programmer (Applications Development and Management)

Responsible for developing DiSSCo's core services and keeping them alive and kicking. 


Soulaine TheocharidesSoulaine Theocharides
Software Developer (Applications Development and Management)

Develops software for the DiSSCo and BiCIKL projects. Implementing an identifier system to allow the two projects to interoperate with each other and with other diverse biodiversity initiatives.


Ni YanNi Yan
Business Developer

Developing large-scale European projects led by Naturalis and AI species identification services, coordinating key internal and external aspects of the EU projects, proposals and AI services. 


Dimitris KoureasDimitris Koureas
Naturalis Managing Director for Digital & Chief Information Officer, Executive Director DiSSCo Research Infrastructure