Transforming European Taxonomy through Training, Research, and Innovations: TETTRIs


TETTRIs, envisions a transformative change in the field of taxonomy to build and sustain taxonomic research capacity through increasing knowledge and developing systems. TETTRIs will achieve this aim by creating joint knowledge in reference collections, training frameworks, and with innovative tools as well as by developing centralized resources providing access to an expertise marketplace, the taxonomic knowledge platform, and career paths. The core methodology for reaching these objectives includes co-creation with citizen scientists, and professionals in biodiversity hotspots.


Launched: 1 December 2022
Ending: 31 May 2026
Geographical Scope: Europe
Partners (number): 17 in 12 Countries
Funded by: Horizon Europe
Involvement level: Consortium Partner


Why is the project is necessary?

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What kind of innovations will the project bring to the field?

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