A COST Action ‘MOBILISE’ was initiated to strengthen the network of European stakeholders in support of bio- and geodiversity research.

More information on the COST Action MOBILISE.

Technical innovations such as mass-scale digitisation increase the volume of bio-and geodiversity rapidly. Strategies, protocols and practical tools for sustainable data storage and availability have to be adjusted accordingly across the bio-and geodiversity community. The aim of MOBILISE is to facilitate this knowledge and technology transfer around natural science collections by fostering a strong network through the organisation of events, trainings and workshops.

Also, awareness needs to be raised about the need in science and society that, apart from physical access, sustainable data access infrastructures are an integral component of biodiversity research. This will prepare the ground for the European DiSSCo research infrastructure and bridge the gap between biodiversity and geoscience research and information technology best practices.

Naturalis is, through the ISBI department, chairing the MOBILISE COST Action, which will run till the end of 2022.