NLBIF is the national node of GBIF and helps and supports Dutch organisations to publish biodiversity data online to GBIF. 


Dr. Niels Raes (node-manager NLBIF)


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NLBIF facilitates open access to biodiversity data from the Netherlands for the wider community to help achieve a more sustainable management of the natural world. All kinds of biodiversity data, including research, monitoring, observation and natural history collection data can be made available via the national infrastructure of NLBIF and international infrastructure of GBIF.

NLBIF organises workshops in the field of data analysis, data quality and data validation, and thematic meetings on the use of GBIF tools to contribute and update data to the NLBIF and GBIF infrastructures. The head of NLBIF is part of the ISBI department and works in close collaboration with new initiatives and developments in the fields of biodiversity data and informatics.