FAIR Digital Objects Forum: FDO F


Larger and larger amounts of data are being generated every day. The complexity of the data space is increasing exponentially. According to surveys, it is estimated that already, about 80 percent of the effort in data driven projects is spent on data wrangling rather than on analysis and understanding, and the situation is getting worse. Therefore, there is an urgent need to change practices drastically. The FDO Forum aims to create a global integrated data space for standardized, autonomous and persistent FAIR (Find, Access, Interoperate, and Reuseable) Digital Objects (data, metadata, documents, software, semantic assertions, etc.). 


Geographical Scope: Global
Involvement level: Consortium Partner, Project Coordination and Technical expertise



Why is the project is necessary?

FAIR Digital Objects (FDO) bind all critical information about an entity in one place and create a new kind of actionable, meaningful and technology independent object that pervades every aspect of life today: A technical essence of a “thing” in cyberspace. These Digital Objects can take many shapes and the FDO Forum constantly updates the requirements and specifications for them.

You can read more about the technical specifications here:


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What kind of innovations will the project bring to the field?

FAIR Digital Objects (FDO) provide a conceptual and implementation framework to develop scalable cross-disciplinary capabilities, deal with the increasing data volumes and their inherent complexity, build tools that help to increase trust in data, create mechanisms to efficiently operate in the domain of scientific assertions, and promote data interoperability.


Naturalis Hosted the First International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects in 2022 and is one of the leading partners for the Second edition to be held in Berlin in 2024.