The SYNTHESYS+ project is the final iteration of the SYNTHESYS programme, which aims to increase the access to physical and digital specimens in European natural history collections.

Project Coordinator

Vincent Smith, London Natural History Museum

Funding Source

Horizon 2020


February 2019 – January 2023


SYNTHESYS+ is a pan-European project that aims to create a shared, high quality approach to the management, preservation, and access to European natural history collections. Similarly to ICEDIG, SYNTHESYS+'s main goal is to lay the foundations -more specifically, the technical foundations- of the DiSSCo research infrastructure.

A core element in SYNTHESYS is to provide funded researcher access to the specimens housed by SYNTHESYS institutions. Alongside the (physical) access, a Joint Research Activity (JRA) aims to improve the quality of and increase access to digital collections and data within natural history institutions by developing virtual collections.

SYNTHESYS+ will run until the beginning of 2023. Naturalis is a key partner within this project.

For more information on SYNTHESYS+ visit the SYTHESYS+ website

Who works
on this project?

People from Naturalis involved in SYNTHESYS+:  Wouter Addink, Tina Loo, Steven van der Mije, Sharif Islam, Olaf Banki, Niels Raes, Martin Rucklin, Jeremy Miller, Hannco Bakker, Eva Alonso, Dimitris Koureas, Christel Schollaardt, Arjen Speksnijder, Jose Alonso.