Dinosaur Era


No visitor will want to skip this gallery, as it features our most prized asset: Trix the T. rex.

Meet Trix
and other dinosaurs

A few years ago, Naturalis uncovered one of the most complete and best-preserved skeletons of this famous carnivorous dinosaur on the prairie of Montana, USA. Standing ready to pounce, Trix takes you back in time to an age when prehistoric reptiles ruled the planet for 160 million years.

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The idea
behind Dinosaur age

Thanks to these and other finds, Naturalis researchers are highly knowledgeable about dinosaurs and the period during which they lived. Our experts know what their lives and environment were like millions of years ago. The Dinosaur age gallery takes you back to this world, so that the fossils become more than just piles of petrified bones. Using special projections and sound, we transform them into animals of flesh and blood. The Dinosaur age gallery is where dinosaurs come to life.

The highlight
of Dinosaur age

The immense, 12-meter height of the gallery shows off the size of the dinosaurs to their best advantage. Naturally, Trix takes center stage. Another highlight is Triceratops, a dinosaur species of which Naturalis has uncovered multiple specimens. This research has yielded a trove of information on what these animals looked like. Missing bones have been replaced with 3D-printed ones, using a brand-new technique now available to museums.


zaal dinotijd
zaal dinotijd