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The Seduction gallery is all about procreation in nature. In a playful way, it illustrates the rituals of courting, coupling, and raising offspring.

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strippes bare

When it comes to seduction, the senses play a major role. How attractive is the smell of a female giraffe's urine? Which flower colors attract bees? What happens after a successful coupling? Do the parents raise their offspring or abandon them? As for the act itself: what "equipment" do different animals and plants use? There's a wealth of information here for those with an interest in such things. In the Seduction gallery, nature is stripped bare.

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The idea
behind Seduction

While procreation has been the subject of innumerable exhibitions in museums across the globe, the revamped Naturalis is trying something new. This playful "warehouse of love" uses a light touch to demonstrate everything that plants and animals can teach us about the art of love. A rich assortment of real objects, illustrations, and games makes the Seduction gallery a feast for the eyes and a thrill for the senses.

The highlight
of Seduction

There's no real standout in this gallery. It's one continuous journey of discovery, featuring surprising trivia about natural procreation along the way. Following your nose, eyes, and ears, you can marvel at the most amazing stories. What animal species lays the smallest eggs? Which has the largest penis? What would the birth certificate of a walking-stick insect look like? How can you design the perfect bird's nest? You will not want to leave this warehouse until you've examined it from top to bottom.

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