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With its large windows facing the street, Live Science functions as a shop window for Naturalis. This place is where you will meet our researchers and collection managers, so that you can see and experience what their work is all about.

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Things you can do here include attempting to draw an insect according to scientific rules or witnessing a specimen preparation from up close. The pieces in the collection reflect our institute's rich history from its foundation in 1820 to the present day. They include a hoodwinker sunfish discovered in 1889 and a meteorite that struck the Netherlands only recently.

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The idea
behind Live Science

This gallery is where we show what we do as a research institute. Not in the shape of an exhibition, but by letting you observe the people who work for Naturalis while they perform their duties. Feel free to ask questions, for example about what they are looking to discover and why. You can't get closer to nature and science than in Live Science!

The highlight
of Live Science

The highlight is that you get to meet our scientists in the flesh. One place where you can do so is in the Dino Lab, where they dig recently discovered dinosaur bones out of rocks. Obviously, it can be a noisy and dusty place – so they are more than happy to take a break and tell you everything you want to know. The Nature Desk in Live Science is another place where you can meet our researchers. This location is home to our regular Nature Consultation, where people can ask questions about nature to an expert.

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There's always a lot going on in LiveScience. Check our agenda for all activities.


Spotlight on our experts - live stream

Our experts share the latest knowledge, show real collection pieces and talk passionately about their work. We're live streaming our spotlights during the corona crisis. Take a seat at the digital grandstand and ask all your questions. The url for the live…

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Jouw favoriet

Hoera, Naturalis bestaat 200 jaar! Om dat te vieren openen we onze collectietoren voor één keer. Wat wil jij dat we tentoonstellen in het museum? Verwonder je over drie voorwerpen met een bijzonder verhaal en stem op jouw favoriet.

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Naturalis wins
the BankGiro Loterij Museumprijs

It happened! Naturalis won the BankGiro Loterij Museumprijs. At least 47.000 people voted for us. Winning the price, really motivates us to continue to showcase stories for the public. We want to thank everyone for their support!

With the price money of €100.000, we will build a professional studio for LiveScience. The studio will help us to reach even more people. Our researchers, their knowledge and their stories will be able to be shown in all living rooms and classrooms. It furthers our goal to evoke wonder and to reach the public with our passion for nature.

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