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The Earth gallery is an ode to our planet's enormous powers: not just of creation and life-giving, but also of destruction. This place is where you'll travel to sites where you can see and even feel these powers.

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the power

Volcanoes on Hawaii, earthquakes in Japan, a stone quarry in Brazil, and even the spot where Iceland is splitting in two. Sensational panoramic images on the walls make you feel like you're really there. At each location, you'll meet "fellow travelers" who are touring the area using a Volkswagen van, motor or camper, or staying in a holiday home. By sharing their experiences, they help you understand what planet Earth is capable of.

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The idea
behind Earth

The planet we live on is 4.6 billion years old. It hasn't stopped spinning for a single day. Deep below its crust, Earth is a hive of activity, causing it to transform its appearance over and over again. However, these processes are so slow that you hardly notice them. The Earth gallery illustrates the consequences of plate tectonics: volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the shifting of plates. These jaw-dropping natural phenomena will make you tremble!

The highlight
of Earth

An immense panoramic canvas – 5 meters high and 60 meters across – is used to display a journey which takes you to Hawaii, Japan, Brazil, and Iceland to make you appreciate Earth's raw beauty. We say "raw", because these landscapes have been untouched by man. Their beauty comes from within. The Earth's crust is shaped by earthly forces that command tremendous awe.

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