This entrance gallery with its sensational decor transports you through a range of landscapes, starting in the depths of the ocean and ending at the top of a mountain, almost as if suspended in mid-air. On the way, you'll meet a wide variety of animal and plant life.

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You'll pass under a giant shark, come face to face with an African elephant, encounter a large swarm of butterflies, and spot unusual birds. Some animals will even let you pet them. Light, video, and sound combine to make you an integral part of the Life gallery. This place is where you'll experience the beauty and riches of nature with all of your senses.

Zaal Leven haai

The idea
behind Life

Part of our mission as the national institute for biodiversity is introducing you to the diversity of life. Trees, birds, insects, and whales all have their unique place in nature's grand design – as do we humans.

The highlight
of Life

It's impossible to take a pick from the many Naturalis collection highlights in the Life gallery. Everything here is part of a whole: the story of how plants and animals work together, whether big or small. This fact explains why Life is the entrance gallery of the museum and why it's located at the heart of the building. The Life gallery celebrates life – in all forms.

Zaal Leven Dieren Olifant
Zaal Leven Water