10–12 years old Exhibition program "The cycle of nature"

The cycle of nature

All living things must eat to survive. Will the amount of food ever run out? What happens to poop in nature? What does a plant eat? What do stones have to do with food? Follow the cycle of nature and play the cycle game. Uncover the mystery animal and draw components of the plant and animal food cycles. In four galleries, you'll explore the world of "to eat or be eaten"!

 At this time, our programs are offered in Dutch only.

To eat or be eaten

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  • Exhibition program
  • Groups 7 and 8 (10–12 years old)
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Number of pupils: no more than 150
  • Areas: the "The earth", "Death", "Seduction" and "Ice age" galleries
  • The school supplies: one parent/supervisor for every 10 pupils
  • Naturalis supplies: one educational assistant
  • Main objective: pupils learn how organisms and their environment form an equilibrium and depend on each other
  • Link to core objective: 40. Pupils learn to distinguish and name common plants and animals in their own environment and learn how they function.
  • Keywords: food cycles, fungi, minerals
  •  At this time, our programs are offered in Dutch only.

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Everything you need to know about practical matters such as parking, lockers and house rules.

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