6–8 years old Exhibition program "Interesting animal traits"

Interesting animal traits

All animals are different, but they each have a range of tricks up their sleeve. What is the most useful hide to avoid being noticed? What do the legs of animals who can jump very high look like? How do their ears help them survive? Explore the museum for animal parts to find out bit by bit which animal is hidden on your card. It really is an amazing type of animal...

 At this time, our programs are offered in Dutch only.

Why does each animal look different?

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  • Exhibition program
  • Groups 3 and 4 (6–8 years old)
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Number of pupils: no more than 108
  • Areas: the "Life", "Ice age" and "Seduction" galleries
  • The school supplies: one parent/supervisor for every five pupils
  • Naturalis supplies: one educational assistant
  • Main objective: pupils compare animal parts and find out which useful purpose they serve
  • Link to core objective: pupils are taught about the structure of plants, animals and humans and about the form and function of their constituent parts
  • Keywords: body shape, function, environment

 At this time, our programs are offered in Dutch only