6–8 years old: Workshop Long live Lumpy

Long live Lumpy

Help! Look out! Lumpy has only just been born and nature is full of dangers. You'll design and test various solutions to keep Lumpy safe, such as wings, shells, springs or camouflage. Lumpy also wants a family. The museum will show you how animals in nature dress up. Next, you'll design a new outfit for Lumpy. Also, what should Lumpy eat?

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Everything you need to know
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  • Type: workshop
  • Level: groups 3 and 4 (6–8 years old)
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Number of pupils: at least 15, but no more than 36
  • Areas: workshop Design, gallery Seduction 
  • The school supplies: one parent/supervisor for every 10 pupils
  • Naturalis supplies: one educational assistant
  • Main objective: pupils design solutions for problems by looking at the functions of various forms in nature
  • Link to core objective: pupils are taught about the structure of plants, animals and humans and about the form and function of their constituent parts
  • Keywords: learn by design, form-function, safety, seduction, test, reason

Course of the program
at the museum

The schedule given below is an indication only.

0-15 minutes: exploring in the workshop area
In the workshop area, the table is full of real objects that pupils are allowed to touch. After free exploration, the educational assistent gets them thinking: "What do these animals have for safety?"

15-25 minutes: introduction Lumpy
In a presentation, pupils watch videos of animals that are safe in different ways. 'Lumpy' is introduced, a small pile of clay with eyes that has just been born.

25-60 minutes: design
Each pupil is given their own Lumpy, that they must protect from various dangers. Pupils go in pairs to one of seven test stations. At each test station there is room for design and testing against a different hazard. On an instructional drawing, pupils see what the hazard is. At the station, there is a crate with various materials and a test rig. Pupils customize Lumpy, test the design, adjust it if necessary, and when they find a solution they clean up, return the number to the central point (the Lumpy nest) and choose another number themselves.

60-90 minutes: visit gallery Seduction
Now that Lumpy has survived the dangers, Lumpy also wants a family. How do animals seduce a mate? After a short video showing examples of animals, pupils visit the gallery Seduction. Here they can see various ways animals seduce a mate. For example, through sound, fighting, smell and color. The gallery also features many young animals.

90-115 minutes: seduction
After the visit to the gallery, it is time to make Lumpy as enticing as possible. Pupils make Lumpy as beautiful as possible and design features such as making sounds and fighting.

115-120 minutes: wrap up
Lumpy survived his first year! But... what else does it need to become an adult? He can protect himself, tempt mates, but he also needs food and a home. Pupils can take their Lumpy and continue designing at school or at home by making food or a place to sleep, for example.

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