Zina Broeksma

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We learn more and more about the systems of nature. My goal is to learn more about the potential applications of this knowledge: how can we use the information we gain from nature to improve the way we handle our environment and resources in daily life?

After my studies in Molecular Life Sciences and Development Studies (Human Geography), I have worked on nurseries, ecological farming and reforestation projects abroad (Latin America) and in the Netherlands. Since then, I have been working on biology education and ecological data analysis.


systems biology, biochemistry, nature inclusive, biological agriculture, green cities, sustainable development, data analysis

Zina Broeksma

Junior project lead
NL Biodiversity and Society



A selection of projects Zina is working on

Nature-rich neighborhood in the east of the Netherlands

Knowledge Naturally! Green knowledge made useful

In Knowledge Naturally! young researchers answer knowledge questions about nature-inclusive or climate-proof living and working for clients from society. This varies from water boards, provinces, housing to commercial companies. As long as the demand…
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Biodiversity Opportunity Map Green Nets

In this project, Naturalis Biodiversity Center is working with Green Nets on the mapping of opportunities to strengthen biodiversity. Green Nets has a unique position and the potential to form a national natural infrastructure, in order to contribute to…
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  • Ecosystem dynamics
  • The impacts of ecosystem degradation and deforestation on soil erosion, (local) water cycles and temperature changes
  • The role of biodiversity recovery in climate change adaptation
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rainforest ecosystem Costa Rica