Together towards a circular bulb region

bulb cultivation in connection with the landscape

In this project, entrepreneurs, companies, local authorities and research organizations collaborate to contribute to a profitable, nature-inclusive bulb cultivation.

NL Biodiversity & Society

Contact: Koos Biesmeijer
Project lead: Marten Schoonman

General questions:

KICK kennisvragen,
serieus game en Know-howkaart

Benieuwd naar de eindproducten van dit project?  Bekijk ze hier:

KICK Kennisvragen
Ondernemers en betrokkenen in de bollenteelt, onderzoekers en Naturalis zochten samen antwoord op kennisvragen gekozen in een GreenportLIVE bijeenkomst door deelnemers uit de Bollenstreek in Zuid-Holland.

  1. Hoe zet je hoge bodemkwaliteit in geld om?
    Rapport Bodemkwaliteit: ziektedruk & rendement in de Bollenstreek 
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  2. Leidt een betere bodemkwaliteit tot minder ziekteverwekkende organismen?
    Rapport Bodemkwaliteit: ziektedruk & rendement in de Bollenstreek 
    Bekijk de poster
  3. Hoe kan bodemleven gemeten worden in de Duin- en Bollenstreek?
    Rapport Bodemkwaliteit: bodemleven meten 
    Bekijk de poster 
  4. Hoe kan strokenteelt ingezet worden bij een duurzame bollenteelt?
    Rapport Strokenteelt in de Bollenstreek
    Bekijk de poster

Serious Game voor de Duin- en Bollenstreek
Met belangstellenden in deze regio bespreken en onderzoeken we risico’s en duurzaamheid in een vrijblijvende spelvorm. Door Wiesje Korf, Hedi Westerduin, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam i.s.m. Peter van Bodegom en Qi Chen, Centrum voor Milieuwetenschappen, Universiteit Leiden.

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Know-howkaart voor de Duin- en Bollenstreek
Waar is kennis over verduurzaming in de bollenteelt te vinden, en is deze goed vindbaar voor verschillende betrokkenen in de Duin- en Bollenstreek? Door Wiesje Korf, Hedi Westerduin, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.

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A thriving,
biodiverse Bulb region

The world-famous Bulb region is a national pride and of great value to the Dutch economy. What about the future of the region? The central question in this project is: what is needed to achieve a transition to a circular economy, better health, more sustainable use of raw materials, and higher quality of working and living environment with more nature and biodiversity? Facilitated by Naturalis Biodiversity Center, entrepreneurs, researchers and policymakers from and around floriculture are committed to a thriving, biodiverse Bulb region.

A new way
of collaboration

The project is set up to collaborate based on the demand of bulb growers, other entrepreneurs and industry organizations on a future-proof Bulb region, nature-inclusive, liveable and economically attractive.

The bulb growing sector includes many parties such as entrepreneurs from within and outside the sector, industry associations, governments, social organizations and research institutes. The role of Naturalis's team 'NL Biodiversity & Society' in this project, in collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam, is to facilitate this process of innovative collaboration.

and ambitions

The products delivered by the project are directly in line with the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in practice. In the form of KICK vouchers (Knowledge and Innovation for Circular Economy and Cycles), the parties involved collaborate to quickly find answers to knowledge questions from entrepreneurs. In addition, the parties collaborate to make knowledge user-friendly (knowledge mobilization), divided over the three topics:

  • Circular cultivation and chain: Research into the possibilities for a Biodiversity Monitor for the Bulb region - Naturalis, Leiden University, NIOO-KNAW
  • Liveable region: Inventory of the roles that parties in the Bulb region can play in a circular bulb cultivation - Erasmus University
  • Natural capital: Development of a decision-making tool and area approach -  Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), Leiden University and Erasmus University

In this way, a contribution is made to the flourishing of the Bulb region in the future, in line with the long-term ambitions of the Bulb region.


Agricultural Nature Association Geestgrond, BO Akkerbouw, The Green City, Dunea, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Greenport Dune and Bulb region, the water board of Rijnland, Holland Rijnland, KAVB, Keukenhof, Lubbe Lisse, Dutch Dunes National Park, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Green Circles Bee Landscape, the province of South Holland, Rabobank Dune and Bulb region, Wageningen University & Research

The project is funded and commissioned by ACCEZ – Accelerating Circular Economy South Holland. ACCEZ is accelerating the circular economy in the province of South Holland on themes such as circular area development and circular agriculture and horticulture.