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In Knowledge Naturally! young researchers answer knowledge questions about nature-inclusive or climate-proof living and working for clients from society. This varies from water boards, provinces, housing to commercial companies. As long as the demand contributes to social green issues. The researchers will work with experts from Naturalis and other knowledge institutions where necessary. The research is financially supported by ASN Bank, which provides 2% of the insurance premium for this. This collaboration enables us to jointly answer knowledge questions that would otherwise remain unanswered.

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Do you have a question about nature-inclusive or climate-proof working or living? But do you lack the right knowledge? Then 'Knowledge Naturally!' can help you further. Look for an answer or solution together with our experts.

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Knowledge Naturally! connects questions from society to young, innovative researchers from knowledge institutions, such as Naturalis, to work together on a sustainable future. We link the right experts to a knowledge question, who answer relatively small research questions in three months' time. Water boards, companies, local authorities, NGOs; all organizations in need of the right 'green' knowledge can contact Knowledge Naturally! as a client.


Based on the client's input, we formulate a knowledge question that is suitable for the Knowledge Naturally! format. We link a young researcher from the broad network of knowledge parties to the knowledge question, who will carry out the research. We conduct the research in continuous consultation with the client, coordinator and our experts. After about three months we deliver the final product.

The form thereof depends on the wishes of the client. To answer a knowledge question, we ask the client for a financial contribution of 15,000 euros. Approximately 10,000 of this is for the appointment of the young researcher(s), 3000 for coordination and supervision from Naturalis and 2000 for material costs. Finally, we announce the end result via this page and the channels of the partners. In this way we ensure that the 'green' knowledge can really be used.

Manifest Time for Biodiversity

knowledge questions

Curious about the types of knowledge questions our experts work on? See below for an overview of the current knowledge questions we are currently answering in Knowledge Naturally!.

Een berm langs het nieuwe SAA1-project van HOCHTIEF. Credit: HOCHTIEF/Schrol

Scorecard for biodiverse verge management

HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions optimizes infrastructure projects over their entire lifecycle. In collaboration with the SAAone highway project (A1/A6) they reached out to the research team from Naturalis to develop a scorecard showing which measures contribute to…
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KPN asset target value for nature-inclusive building

Together towards nature-inclusive building

From the Knowledge Naturally! program, an expert team has developed the knowledge question: 'What is nature-inclusive and when does an object meet this?'. The question comes from client KPN. By answering the question, the telecom provider wants to make…
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Do you have a question about nature-inclusive or climate-proof living and working? But do you lack the right 'green' knowledge? Working together with our experts can offer you the solution.

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An important contribution to the sustainability of society

ASN Bank has been active as a sustainable bank since 1960. With approximately 175 employees, they work hard every day to make the world a better place. That is why ASN Bank banks in a socially responsible manner. With respect for people, animals and nature. For example, via the sustainable insurance policies, which were created through a collaboration between ASN Bank and a.s.r. Where possible, the insurance has been made sustainable and the premium is invested sustainably. ASN Bank makes 2% of the premium available to sustainable, innovative projects, such as this collaboration with Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

To ASN Bank 

a.s.r. wants to play a significant role in making society more sustainable by helping to solve social sustainability issues that are related to our (insurance) activities. In this way we strive to make new 'green' risks as insurable as possible. We repair damage – where possible – sustainable or even circular. Together with ASN bank, we offer sustainable insurance policies that make a positive contribution to climate change and biodiversity conservation. For example, by providing the home insurance with sustainable elements such as the co-insurance of solar panels, green roofs and sustainable building materials.

To a.s.r.

Green in Amsterdam


ASN Bank, a.s.r. and Naturalis Biodiversity Center started the collaboration in 2022. The parties have found each other in the joint ambition to make our living and living environment healthy, nature-inclusive and climate-proof. Knowledge is an important part of this. Sometimes new research is needed, but it can also involve bringing together existing knowledge or making the translation into practice. We focus on the themes of biodiversity, heat and water, but also on the social and economic knowledge that is needed to ensure that the 'green' knowledge can really be used. Thanks to the collaboration, we can jointly answer knowledge questions that stimulate the translation of research into practice.

Solar park Moerdwijk
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