13-15 years old Exhibition program "Animal love"

Animal love

Frogs that carry their young on their backs, dancing spiders, reproductive organs in all shapes and sizes… When it comes to animal love, variety is the name of the game. Using humor, common sense and the wealth of our collection, you'll discover patterns in animal procreation. You'll investigate differences between partners, seduction, fertilization and offspring.

At this time, our programs are offered in Dutch only.

Be seduced into an encounter with nature!

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  • Exhibition program
  • Pre-vocational secondary education Years 3 and 4, senior general secondary education/pre-university education Years 2 and 3
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Number of pupils: no more than 108
  • Areas: the "Life", "Dinosaur age" and "Seduction" galleries
  • The school supplies: one supervisor for every 20 pupils/students
  • Naturalis supplies: two educational assistants
  • Objective: pupils learn about the multitude of ways in which animals procreate and discover patterns arising from natural and sexual selection
  • Keywords: variety, selection, seduction, mating, offspring, care, pleasure, advertising
  • At this time, our programs are offered in Dutch only.

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Everything you need to know about practical matters such as parking, lockers and house rules.

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