15-18 years old "Fossils and evolution" workshop 


Build your own lines of evolution and family trees. What can fossils tell you about evolution and the way animals used to live? Compare and contrast real fossils and models of molars, legs and skulls from 50 million years ago up to the present day. How have horses, elephants and humans evolved through the ages and why?

 At this time, our programs are offered in Dutch only.

Experience how researchers use fossils to obtain information

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  • Workshop
  • Senior general secondary education Years 4 and 5, pre-university education Years 4–6
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Number of pupils: no more than 36
  • Areas: the "Early humans" and "Ice age" galleries, "Workshop The past"
  • The school supplies: one supervisor for every 20 pupils
  • Naturalis supplies: two educational assistants
  • Objective: pupils see how horses, elephants and humans have evolved through the ages. They ponder what caused these changes. They discover what knowledge scientists glean from fossils and find out how the body of knowledge about the evolution of organisms has grown.
  • Keywords: evolution, fossils, geological time scale, genealogy, science, molars, skulls, bones
  •  At this time, our programs are offered in Dutch only.

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Everything you need to know about practical matters such as parking, lockers and house rules.

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