13-15 years old Exhibition program "How do you find out?"


 What can the Earth teach you about the past, the present and the future? In Naturalis, you'll come face to face with ancient dinosaur and mammoth skeletons, volcanoes and a mine full of minerals. You'll touch lava, crystals and fossils. After exploring the museum and undergoing a personality test, you'll discover your true nature: are you primarily a mineralogist, a volcanologist, a paleontologist or a glaciologist? As a researcher, you'll find that much can be explained and predicted, but there are still many things we don't know yet.

 At this time, our programs are offered in Dutch only.

Minerals, ice ages, volcanoes and ancient dinosaurs

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  • Exhibition program
  • Pre-vocational secondary education Years 2–4, senior general secondary education/pre-university education Years 2 and 3
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Number of pupils: no more than 108
  • Areas: the "The earth", "Dinosaur age" and "Ice age" galleries
  • The school supplies: one supervisor for every 20 pupils
  • Naturalis supplies: two educational assistants
  • Objective: pupils become enthusiastic about all the good and bad things the Earth has to offer
  • Keywords: Earth sciences, mineralogist, volcanologist, paleontologist, glaciologist, dinosaurs, ice age animals, lava, minerals, geology, ice ages, volcanoes