Pepijn Kamminga

Pepijn Kamminga with porpoise skull

Since 2014, I manage the collection of mammals and birds at Naturalis. Amongst other things, I ensure that this collection remains well conserved, that it is accessible for research, that everybody can make use of the digital data and that new specimens are added to the collection. Obviously, I also work on presentations for the public and I ensure that other museums can borrow collection items.


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Pepijn Kamminga, MSc

Collection manager
Birds and Mammals (only available in Dutch)

+31 (0)71 751 9338



The birds and mammals collection consists of about 500,000 specimens. These include mounted skins and skeletons, but also individual bones, mounted zoological specimens, and specimens in alcohol.

The Naturalis collection contains 400,000 bird specimens and 100,000 mammal specimens, and is still growing. Animals that are found dead are often included in the collection. Besides recent specimens, there are also specimens present that have remained conserved in the collection for more than 200 years and were part of the collection of our first director, the ornithologist C.J. Temminck. These specimens were therefore already present in the collection at the start of Naturalis. The collection is frequently consulted by researchers but is also of immense value for our own exhibition and for those of other museums.

Cape lion
bird of prey collection


The subjects that I am currently working on include a catalogue for scientific categories and new acquisitions for the collections, such as the bearded vulture and golden Jackal.

Stranded whale

Whale strandings: What can we learn from it?

It sometimes happens that a large dead whale washes up on the Dutch coast, or dies in the waters off the coast. Naturalis Biodiversity Center then has the task to assist in salvaging the mammal and to preserve parts of the animal for scientific research…
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Preparation bearded vulture

Three meters wide, 6.5 kgs and the first of its species found in the wild in the Netherlands. Angèle, was a bearded vulture that flew into a windmill and died on the spot in May 2021.  We will continue taxidermizing him today. 

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Please see my Google Scholar page for my complete list of publications.

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TrouwHet is wachten geblazen in het XL-depot [There’s a long queue in the XL depot]
Langs de LijnPepijn Kamminga ontleedt aangespoelde vinvis [Pepijn Kamminga dissects washed up rorqual]

In 2019, the internet show Dumpert filmt je werkplek [Dumpert films you at work] travelled with the whale team to see how Naturalis helps out when a dead whale washes up on the Dutch coast
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Young kangaroo specimen