Together towards nature-inclusive building

KPN asset target value for nature-inclusive building

From the Knowledge Naturally! program, an expert team has developed the knowledge question: 'What is nature-inclusive and when does an object meet this?'. The question comes from client KPN. By answering the question, the telecom provider wants to make better use of its infrastructure for biodiversity. The end product, a table for nature-inclusive construction, gives not only KPN, but everyone, a handle on nature-inclusive actions

 Meetlat voor natuurinclusief bouwenView the poster for Nature-inclusive building for small buildings here

How nature-inclusive do you construct?

How nature-inclusive do you construct?
Use the table to test how nature-inclusive a small building is, and inspire yourself and others to act in a nature-inclusive way and build together with nature.

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To make the question of nature-inclusive construction manageable, the expert team focused on the KPN district exchanges for fiber optic. Topics that play a role in this are biodiversity in the city, living environment, awareness, the potential to make an impact on widespread new construction, and the link with other transitions such as climate adaptation. “The end product lays a foundation for measurable nature-inclusive construction,” says Fleur van Duin, co-researcher at Naturalis and biology student at Leiden University. “And we hope that it serves as a source of inspiration for organizations that have the same question."

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Nature inclusive fiberglass housing
November 10th, 2022

The yardstick for nature-inclusive building

Grass tiles, a nature dam and fauna sensors; on the basis of a number of guidelines, small structures can be transformed into a green oasis. But how? Knowledge Naturally! Has developed a table for nature-inclusive construction on behalf of telecom provider…
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  • Want to get started yourself? View and read more about the table for nature-inclusive construction at The table is applicable to constructions of approximately 10 to 15 m2 in size.
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