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Blumea is an international electronic-only journal on the biodiversity, evolution and biogeography of plants, including systematics, floristics, phylogeny, morphology and anatomy. 

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Blumea is an open access journal, applying a CC BY-NC-ND license. All issues published after November 2003 are publicly available through Ingenta. For floristic studies, the focus is on tropical Africa south of the Sahara, tropical Southeast Asia with a strong emphasis on Malesia, and South America with an emphasis on the Guyanas. Publication of new taxa is only considered if these are embedded in a larger framework like a revision or a phylogeny. Papers in Blumea are subjected to single-blind peer review and are in English. Starting with Volume 62 (2017), Blumea is exclusively electronic, and printed issues will no longer be distributed. All content will be freely available via the website of Ingenta, and is also archived and available in the Naturalis Repository. Both readers and authors are encouraged to deposit articles in any other archive or repository that they have access to. 


Submission of a manuscript to Blumea is under the assumption that the manuscript, or parts of it, are not at the same time being submitted or under consideration with other journals, or published in any other way. Failure to comply with this may lead to immediate rejection. Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that on acceptance of the manuscript, they agree with the copyrights policy currently adopted by the Publishers of Blumea (see above).  Authors retain all rights to exchange prints or electronic copies with colleagues and to use the work for educational purposes. Submit manuscripts as e-mail attachments or through WeTransfer.

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