Borrowing collection items

Botanischal collection piece

Do you want to borrow collection items for exhibitions, research or for other purposes? Find out how to go about it.


Each object in the Naturalis collection is unique. By lending these unique objects other professionals can utilize these items and even increase the usefulness and value of them. The loans are mostly for scientific research, but also for exhibitions. Every year, about 300 scientific loans and 20 museum loans leave Naturalis.



However, there are conditions for both museum and scientific loans to guarantee the safety of the objects. These conditions depend on, among other things, the purpose of the loan, what is borrowed and for how long you want to borrow the objects.

Below are two links, one for museum loans and one for scientific loans, under which the specific loan conditions are given. It is recommended that you first check whether you can meet these requirements before submitting a loan request.

Info about museum loans 
Info about scientific loans