Frederique Bakker

Frederique Bakker in het Hymenoptera depot

As collection manager of the Hymenoptera (sawflies, wasps, bees and ants) I am responsible for the daily activities in the collection. I collaborate with researchers, volunteers, exhibition makers and many others to care for the collection and use it for research and education.


Collection manager, Hymenoptera, sawflies, bees, wasps, ants

Frederique Bakker

Collection Manager Hymenoptera
department of Collection Management



The Hymenoptera collection consists of the sawflies, wasps, bees and ants. It comprises roughly 1.7 million specimens, kept in about 12.000 insect drawers. These specimens are used for research and education.

The collection houses specimens from across the globe, but the main focus lies on Europe and Asia. There are about 28.700 species represented, including thousands of type specimens. The collection includes a large identified reference collection as well as unidentified sections and specimens awaiting description. On a daily basis specimens are identified, photographed, digitized and incorporated into the collection. We regularly receive donations with new material for our collection.

Hymenoptera collection depot, one of the many aisles


Professionals who are interested in loans, visits or donating are encouraged to contact us (

Do you have a demonstrable interest in entomology and would you like to do volunteer work in the Hymenoptera collection, then we also encourage you to contact us.

Stilbula cyniformis from Hymenoptera collection (RMNH.INS.108880)