Edu Boer

Portrait photo of Edu Boer

After studying tropical forestry, I started working in Burkina Faso and in Indonesia. There it became clear that my professional knowledge was appreciated, but that dealing with people in a different culture was at least as important to achieve something. After that I worked at PROSEA and PROTA to make all published information on useful plants available. Here the emphasis was again on trees. Then I started working at the Department of Invasive Plants of the NVWA on research, photography and publication of information on invasive plants. I set up the database of collection materials, which can be accessed online.


invasive plants, electronic identification tools, photography, web database, collection management


  • Collecting up-to-data data on invasive plants, their taxonomy and identity, ecology and invasiveness.
  • Publish these data on a website, in species factsheets and in look-alike pages, that compare morphologically similar plants and stipulate the differences.
Invasive species


A selection of the topics I am working on currently.

Large water pennywort

Invasive species

In recent decades, the Dutch flora has seen a sharp increase in exotic species. We call them invasive species or invasives when they cause nuisance by a strong expansion or densification of their area. The nuisance of invasive species can consist of…
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