Research Coordination Office (RCO)

Researchers in the field

The Research Coordination Office (RCO) supports the Naturalis Research and Education (R&E) sector with the aim to realise the institute’s ambition to perform excellent and high impact science. We assist in positioning the institute strategically in the (inter)national biodiversity framework,  and provide support to our researchers.

What we

  • Positioning Naturalis on the (inter)national biodiversity research policy agenda
  • Facilitating (inter)national collaborations with other top scientific institutes, universities and universities of applied sciences in the biodiversity research field
  • Monitoring (inter)national research policies on their relevance for the institute and translating them into internal policies
  • Attracting talented high quality early career researchers
  • Monitoring and implementing the Naturalis PhD track
  • Acquisition of external research funding
  • Consultancy services. Answering issues on biodiversity from external professionals and public bodies
  • The Naturalis higher education agenda (Bachelor and Master)
  • Facilitating (inter)national collaborations with companies and stakeholder organisations in the biodiversity research field 
  • Facilitating citizen science collaborations

works here

Dominique van der Sterren
Policy officer,

Caroline van Impelen
Business developer,

Ate-alma Cohen
Policy officer,

Michiel Hooykaas
Coordinator Higher Education,


Frequently asked

This are the questions most received at the Research Coordination Office.

Does Naturalis offer Bachelor and Master courses?
Yes we do! More information

What are the PhD and postdoc opportunities at Naturalis?
More infomation 

I have to write a paper or a presentation on biodiversity, insects, iceage...... Where can I find more information?
Check the Natuurwijzer (Dutch)

Did you find something outdoors but don't know what it is? 
Photograph the object and send the picture in an e-mail to

PhD research