Academic courses BSc. and MSc.

Onderzoek in het veld - Naturalis

Naturalis provides education at universities and universities of applied sciences. Our researchers organize academic courses on biodiversity and geological diversity, and provide guest lectures, labs, and excursions, notably as part of biology and earth science programmes. In particular, Naturalis contributes to the study programme of Biology at Leiden University, but Naturalis is also involved in various other curricula.


Michiel Hooykaas


The Biology curriculum at Leiden University is a joint programme of IBL (responsible institute), CML and Naturalis. Within the curriculum, Naturalis coordinates the Tree of Life Learning Track and makes a substantial contribution to education in the field of biodiversity and evolution. Detailed information about the different courses can be found in the e-prospectus. The courses that our researchers organize include:


  • Biodiversiteit Plant (BSc 1)
  • Biodiversiteit Dier (BSc 1)
  • Excursies Flora & Fauna (BSc 1)
  • Biodiversiteit (BSc 2)
  • Veldonderzoek Flora (BSc 2)
  • Minor Biodiversity (BSc 3)


Together with CML and IBL, Naturalis organizes two Master tracks at Leiden University.

Mandatory and elective courses include:

  • Orientation on Evolutionary biology
  • Paleobiology
  • Systematics and Biodiversity
  • Plant families of the tropics
  • Tropical biodiversity and field methods


Naturalis also participates in courses outside of Leiden. Courses coordinated by our researchers include:

Universiteit van Amsterdam

  • Biodiversiteit en Ecologie (Biologie – BSc 1)
  • Biological Oceanography (Biologie - MSc)

Universiteit van Wageningen

  • Ethnobotany (BSc)
  • Marine Animal Ecology (MSc Biology, Animal Sciences, Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management)

Universiteit Utrecht

  • Paleontologie – fauna (BSc 2 Aardwetenschappen)
  • Chemische geodynamica (BSc 3 Aardwetenschappen)
  • Vertebrate evolution (MSc Earth, Life and Climate)

Universiteit Maastricht

  • Paleontologie – Hominin Paleontology (BSc 2 Maastricht Science Programme)