Academic courses Bsc. and Msc.

Education in Naturalis

Naturalis researchers organize and teach academic courses at Dutch (applied) biology curricula.


Michiel Hooykaas


The Biology curriculum at Leiden University is a joint programme of IBL (responsible institute), CML and Naturalis. The substantial contribution by Naturalis and detailed information about the courses offered can be found in the e-prospectus. The courses we organize or substantially participate include: 

Bachelor - first year 

  • Popularisering van de Wetenschap
  • Biodiversiteit Planten/Paddestoelen/Protisten - Tree of Life, en Fylogenie
  • Flora en Fauna excursies
  • Onderzoekprojecten Ecologie, Biodiversiteit en Gedrag

Bachelor - second and third year

  • Evolutiebiologie 
  • Ontwikkelingsbiologie Dier en Plant
  • Biodiversiteit
  • Veldonderzoek Flora
  • Minor Biodiversity
  • Honours class Crises in Biology


Together with CML and IBL, Naturalis organizes two Master tracks at Leiden University.

Mandatory and elective courses include:

  • Orientation courses
  • Genomic architecture
  • Paleobiology
  • Development and evolution
  • Methods in biodiversity analysis
  • Integrative taxonomy
  • Plant families of the tropics
  • Tropical biodiversity and field methods


Naturalis also participates in other biology curricula. The courses coordinated by Naturalis staff include:

University of Amsterdam

  • BSc 1  Milestones in Sciences
  • BSc 1  Organisms in the environment
  • BSc 2  Evolutionary biology
  • BSc 3  Paleoecology
  • MSc   Biological Oceanography

University of Wageningen

  • BSc        Ethnobotany